What happened to good customer service?
You've found it! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with top notch customer service. We recognize that without you our business will not succeed.

Our services include:

Tax Preparation
Payroll Processing
Payroll Tax Reporting
Tax Reviews
Business Consultation
Financial Statement Preparation
Estate Tax Planning

WWTS provides services for Individuals in the area of tax planning and preparation. Our focus is tax education to assist our clients in tax compliance and receiving the maximum refund.

WWTS provides services for Businesses in the area of accounting, tax preparation, and business consultation. Our focus is creating partnerships with owners in establishing efficient accounting systems, business analysis to improve business performance and continued consultation to grow the business.

WWTS has a love for community. We have developed programs to assist low income senior citizens with tax questions and preparation, college internships, and mentorship programs to high school seniors interested in careers in accounting. We are always looking for ways to stay in touch with our neighboring communities

Our mission
To provide quality professional tax and accounting services to clients nation-wide. To work with integrity, accuracy and respect for every client while upholding the following values:

We will work with the spirit of excellence in all we do.

Exceed expectations, by providing top notch customer service to every client.

Promote an atmosphere in which all individuals are encouraged to learn, self improve, and grow to become leaders in business.

Respect and celebrate the differences among us.

Value our family and community and pursue the enjoyment of living a wholesome life.