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What is Pre-paid Accounting?

1. The Prepaid Accounting subscription gives you access to quality and up to date tax and accounting information for a low monthly fee.
2. Have you ever had a simple question regarding your taxes and could not find the answer?
3. Have you ever wanted to know the tax consequence of a financial transaction before you took the chance?
4. Ever wondered the difference between an LLC and Corporation and could not get a straight forward answer?
5. Ever read about recent tax legislation and wondered how it affected you or your business?

One of the essentials to running a great business is having resources to get answers to those important questions. In many cases, you just don’t know who to call, if you contact another qualified professional the costs are too high, and they may not know the answer.

WWTS, is at your service. We provide pre-paid accounting subscriptions that allow you to contact our offices, via email, fax or telephone to ask accounting, and tax questions, or research tax and accounting information. We have tons of resources at our fingertips to save you time and money. Our staff works diligently to answer your questions and give you the best advice from our experts, within 24 hours.
Whether your question is personal or business your answer is on the way. Why not have your own personal accountant?

Businessman Using Calculator

The prepaid accounting subscriptions are offered in the following packages:
Individual $15 per month (+ one time $10 set up fee)
Small Business (1-20 employees) $30 per month (+one time $10 set up fee)

Call our offices to find out more and become a member today! 586.296.0771

Plans must be pre-paid for the year, or billed to credit card, or monthly electronic withdrawals


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